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I'm Jeremy Culp, a graphic design professional with almost 20 years of experience.


I started out as a freelance designer and production designer at an advertising agency and am currently the Director of UX Design for a global non-profit organization. 


Starting out in traditional print design, I have expanded my skills to include digital (web, app, email, and social media), UX, and motion graphics.


I bring the same focus of clear organization, compelling communication, strong visual concepts, and polish to all of my work. Each design discipline requires unique skills, strategy, and focus based on media and output channels. I can help you navigate those waters to deliver the right content and message to the right audience. My passion is to invest myself into the people and work that invests in others.

Take some time to see what I've been up to. View my resume and browse my network to meet some great designers.

Personal portrait
InDesign Expert Certificaton Credential
Nielsen Norman User Experience Certificaton Credential
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