I've had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing people and am honored by their kind words and confidence in me and my approach to work.

Jeremy is a "dream-team" creative member of any team he works on. He is collaborative, personable, and he brings a strategic problem solving approach to every project. Jeremy has the rare ability to think through every design (UX/UI) detail from the user perspective without losing the big picture. This approach results in the best outcome for the customer and the overall experience. I cannot say enough good about him. Jeremy works hard to create a positive team environment, and he cares deeply about his team members and customers. I have worked with him for over 10 years, and have been impressed with his consistency, work ethic, and dedication.

Amy Wenger-Cerra

Former Creative Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries

Jeremy always amazes me with his ability to creatively design and create user experiences that intuitively solve problems from the end user perspective. I can always count on him to ask the right questions to ultimately provide the best solution for the user. Even though he loves cloudy days, he manages to bring brilliance to every project we work on! :) He's an incredibly hard worker that drives growth for his team and coworkers around him. I'm so fortunate to have been able to work with Jeremy for many years and can say there's nobody with greater integrity and work ethic than this guy!

Neil Cummings

Former Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Our Daily Bread Ministries

I've worked with Jeremy for several years and collaborated on many projects. He is professional, has strong design-sense, is a problem-solver who provides multiple options for a solution, has a tireless work ethic, and is fun to work with. He's someone I trust to bounce ideas off of and spark innovative thinking when I'm stuck. He's a creative leader and an asset to any team he's a part of.

Heather Brewer

Art Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries

Jeremy is a an excellent candidate: tech savvy, great leadership skills, team player, creative, and very hard working.

When I hired Jeremy in 2008, I knew of his education and work background which was similar to mine. I knew this meant he had a good work ethic and would be able to hit the ground running, which is exactly what happened. In fact, he not only became that valuable, creative contributor to the team, but became our "go-to-guy" for technical support with InDesign and other software. He also became certified in InDesign through Adobe. Jeremy is the type of person that takes continuous learning seriously. Over the years I have observed Jeremy becoming an excellent designer and he also took the challenge of becoming the leader of a then struggling digital design department. He took over, restructured it, put long hours in, forming it into an effective and efficient department which produces a multitude of good work. This was done, even under the strain of what I considered a demanding marketing manager, and with limited resources and designers. Jeremy has a "get the job done" attitude yet it is always filtered through a servant attitude. He appreciates his team, giving them credit where credit is due. He thinks of others first and the needs of the ministry, even if it costs him extra time. He's a great team player, works well with others, communicates and collaborates. I have hired and worked with many artists in my 35 years as an art director, and I would have to rank Jeremy Culp at the very top. He will meet and exceed your expectations.

Terry Bidgood

Former Art Director, Our Daily Bread Ministries