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"For God So Loved" Booklet and Christmas Card

I designed this seasonal booklet cover for a special edition of Our Daily Bread. The booklet is offered for distribution to anyone that requests it and typically prints over 1 million copies. In addition, the design was used for the organization's annual Christmas card. The organization sends the card out to its donors each year at Christmas as well as offers these for sale to customers in boxed sets.


This design was built completely within photoshop from scratch. The imagery is my digital illustration work created in Photoshop.


This card broke with past tradition in a few different ways. It was the first time that it did not include a CD of Christmas music, so the visual impact and quality had to be increased to maintain the card's overall sense of quality and value. We accomplished this by using a 4-panel layout to allow the internal sentiment to carry on the narrative from the cover through additional illustrations and typography. We also utilized a textured watercolor paper style stock to enhance the experience and reinforce the illustration style.

Though the card was designed and produced for the 2015 Christmas season, it continues to be reprinted and outsell subsequent and newer cards year after year and outperforms other card sales by as much as 200%.

Due to the overwhelming response to this booklet and card, the decision was made to provide additional products of various kinds. This included a music CD, posters of the artwork, podcast cover artwork, stationary, and a digital resource kit for churches to use for Christmas services.

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