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Here is a sample of some various branding projects I've designed. Each project began with a lot of conversation of the needs that the branding would be used for, the audience, and as much information as was available about the product, organization, or campaign. I then researched and brainstormed to provide as many approaches as necessary to deliver an effective design.


Misfitz Audio: Business

Logo concept and design for a vintage, high-end audio equipment design and repair business. The desire was to create something that felt vintage as well as conveyed the concept of combining various audio components together.

First Christian Reformed Church

Logo concept and design for First Christian Reformed Church in DeMott, Indiana. Their desire was to put a strong visual emphasis on life and plant growth to reflect their motto "Deep Roots, Fresh Faith."

Joy to the World: Campaign

Concept and branding for Our Daily Bread Ministries' "Joy to the World" gift drive. This branding was implemented in a variety of ways to incentivize customers to purchase products from their publishing site, and a percentage of income was used to provide toys and books to disadvantaged children.

Project Connect: Internal Campaign

Concept and branding for an internal campaign for Our Daily Bread Ministries for a project that focused on a drive to make a stronger connection to various aspects of the organization and our audience. This was primarily an IT focused initiative.
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