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40 Days Campaign

This was a new initiative in 2019 to engage and grow the audience at Our Daily Bread Ministries in a new way. A content package was built to supplement the annual Easter campaign. This was the primary contributor and driver of year over year email subscriptions engagement growth with our Easter reading plan of 326% from just over 15,000 in 2018 to over 50,000 in 2019. It also provided new engagement opportunities through social, email, and web. The success of the campaign resulted in a similar tactic leading up to Christmas 2019.

40 Days download.jpg

The primary components of the campaign included a 40 day social media post strategy and a downloadable PDF made available by email signup.

The social media content was designed uniquely by channel. Facebook audiences were shown 1 post per day and Instagram audiences were shown 2 story segments per day. Along with promotional graphics, the social media content alone was comprised of nearly 130 static designs. The full Instagram story experience can be viewed here. 

The social posts and downloadable PDF were designed by Kerri Conrad Bowditch and the lettered artwork in the PDF was illustrated by Aubree Berg all under my art direction.


The campaign was promoted in advance via social media channels, email, and the Our Daily Bread website. Existing channels were utilized to promote engagement by the existing audience and paid social media ads were used to reach and grow new social media and email audiences. I designed this email to promote the downloadable PDF to our existing audience.

Each week the social media channel graphic posts were supplemented with a coordinating video that I produced.

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